Wonder Guard – All you Need to know!

Wonder Guard is a special power that only one Pokémon, Shedinja, has. This shield makes Shedinja safe from most attacks, but there’s a catch, it only works against moves that would hurt it. If an attack isn’t the right type to hurt Shedinja a lot (not very effective), it’s like the shield stops it completely, and Shedinja doesn’t get hurt.

Shedinja powers and abilities

However, the shield doesn’t protect against other stuff like bad weather or tricky conditions. So, Shedinja is a bit of a puzzle for trainers, they need to figure out which moves can get through that special shield.

How To Get Wonder Guard

Shedinja automatically has the Wonder Guard ability. You don’t need to do anything special to obtain or activate it. It will be there when Shedinja appears at your party during Nincada’s evolution.


Wonder Guard is like a magical shield for certain Pokémon. They are entirely protected from most strikes that wouldn’t cause them much harm thanks to it. However, they are still vulnerable to confusion and some difficult attacks like Poison Powder and Tail Whip even with this shield in place. Furthermore, it will not protect you from risks, bad weather, or burns.

Its unique in that it lets only moves that have the potential to seriously harm Pokémon. As an example, the shield entirely prevents a move that would hardly hurt the Pokémon. However, the shield is weak against exceptionally strong attacks.

Additionally, it remains unaffected by Struggle, a move that certain Pokémon use when they are out of options. It is useless against Role Play, an attempt to resemble Wonder Guard, it interferes with the ability to use Skill Swap, which switches abilities between Pokémon.

If My Fused Shedinja Evolves Do I Lose Wonder Guard?

Not really because, The Pokémon you decide to keep remains the same when two come together, such as in a fusion. Shedinja’s skill doesn’t change over time, making it somewhat unique. The other Pokémon is the one that evolves, and typically the evolving Pokémon’s secret ability is the only occasion when its ability changes. When that happens, it can lose the secret ability and change its ability to match the other Pokémon’s.

Which Moves Effect it ?

It can be affected by things like status changes. Thus, it is still impacted by moves like Sand Storm, Toxic, Leech Seed, and Stealth Rocks.

In addition, WG and other Abilities are ignored by Mould Breaker, allowing a Rampardos Fusion to destroy it.

Where can I find a Pokemon with Wonder Guard?

Shedinja Azalea Forest is what you receive in classic mode. Nincada will be obtained in the Veridian Forest if you play Modern.

Final Verdict

In summary, Wonder Guard is a unique ability exclusive to Shedinja. It acts like a powerful shield, making Shedinja impervious to most attacks, but it has limitations. Obtaining Wonder Guard is straightforward during Shedinja’s evolution, and it remains unaffected by fusions. Despite its strengths, it doesn’t protect against non-damaging effects, and certain moves and abilities can still pose a threat. Trainers must carefully navigate their strengths and weaknesses in battles.