How to speed up Game – Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Speed up pokemon infinite Fusion

Feeling that your Game is not Fast enough? There are different cycles of speeds available. Just Press the key “Q” to speed up the game through different cycles. If you are facing slow Game performance, check the Tips to improve speed

How to slow down the Game? Speed up button

You Can use the same key “Q” to slow down the Game. There are different cycle, by pressing the key frequently, the game will take you through different cycles of Speed and you can choose one according to your taste.

Slow Down the Game with Controller?

It’s lb to control Game speed through the controller.

How many Speeds the Game Runs at?

The Game runs at 3 different speeds. The default keybinding is ‘Q‘, and there are three different speeds to cycles of Speed.

Game is Lagging – What to do ?

Consider adjusting the window size within the settings menu. The downloadable package comes with an “Alternate Launcher.exe” that has the potential to significantly enhance performance on certain systems. If you’re facing Slow Game Speed, Check this speed optimisation Tips.

Additionally, you have the option to switch the fused sprite icons to DNA symbols in the settings to prevent lag when accessing your Pokémon screen.

Following is the video short of how to Game looks like on speed up by the channel MrGrimReaper

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