Secret forest Pokemon infinite fusion

Secret forest pokemon infinite fusion

What’s Secret Forest?

Secret Forest serves as a link between Route 2 (Before the Forest) to the west and Route 16 to the east, while offering access to Viridian River through a southern gate.

Secret Forest FAQs

How to Access Viridian River:

After defeating Erika, the Route 2 Entrance becomes accessible, but access to Viridian River is hindered by a ledge until you acquire Rock Climb. You’ll find this entrance south of the house where you can obtain the Shears.

Secret Forest Route 2 Entrance

Route 16 entrance:

On the other hand, the Route 16 entrance becomes usable once you reach Celadon City and is conveniently situated near the house where you can obtain HM02 Fly. So, After getting to Celadon, you can enter it from Route 16!

Secret Forest Route 16 Entrance

How to get into the forest on Newer version?

To get into forest on newer version you need to hit spacebar on the tree near the flowers. That’s how you will get in. You will also found a wonderful pokemon there which is one of my favorite 🙂

How to catch Starter and Mew?

The following video describes how to catch starter and Mew in Secret Forest

catch starter and Mew

Why Secret Forest Place is still locked after 4th Badge?

The secret forest’s accessed from route 16, by the house you get fly at, rather than route 2. You can access it from route 2 after you beat Erika.

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