Pokerardar and How To get It ?


The Pokéradar, first featured in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and later introduced in update 4.8, serves as the exclusive method for capturing numerous elusive Pokémon within the game. Let’s get into Nitty gritty of Blog titl

How To get It Pokeradar?

Getting a Pokeradar is Simple – You can simply get it from the scientist (Professor Oak’s assistant) in Cerulean City’s Pokécenter. The scientist gives you the Exp share as a quest reward there. Then will go to Route 24, where she will give you the radar.

One more thing you need to make sure to have a repel active or else you may only get regular encounters.

Share from her, which requires using the DNA Splicers five times, she will enlist your assistance for field research on Route 24. Upon aiding her, she will grant you the Pokéradar.

How does Pokerardar work?

The Pokéradar operates in a manner largely akin to the official games, with a notable distinction: you must have previously encountered every Pokémon within a given route to unlock access to Pokéradar-exclusive encounters.

When activated, the Pokéradar emits a green flashing light, signifying the potential appearance of these special encounters.

How can We chain Pokerardar

When I’m chaining, there are a few subtle differences compared to other games, but the basic rules remain the same. I always try to position myself in the largest grass patch available and head to the farthest spot I can reach (usually in a radial direction). My chain grows when I successfully faint or catch the same Pokémon consecutively.

It’s important to do this without interrupting the chain, and the chances of breaking it depend on factors like my current chain length and how far away the grass patch is from me. This likelihood ranges from about 86% (when adjacent) to 98% (when four tiles away). Once I reach a chain of 40, it’s impossible to break it naturally, but I still need to watch out for random encounters if I’m not using repels, leaving the grass area, or running out of space for a random encounter to appear.

Because of how patches generate and the way rings function, I find it best to exclusively enter patches located at the center of a 3×3 square. The reason for this is that when you’re in the center, four tiles within a 9×9 square around you are selected, each at a different distance from your position, one in each radial ring.

If you venture to the edge of a grass patch, you’ll have roughly a 50/50 chance of breaking your chain. Therefore, it can be a viable strategy, though somewhat slow, to repeatedly use the radar until a specific patch starts shaking. This tactic becomes even more important for patches that are small in size or have an awkward shape.

Once your chain reaches 20, your chances of encountering a shiny Pokémon max out at 1/200 (with no effect from the Shiny Charm). This means you can simply remain stationary and keep reactivating the Radar until you spot a shiny patch. Any shiny Pokémon caught using this method will be distinguished by a black star.

List of Exclusive Pokemon

Following is a Exclusive Pokemon from Pokemon Wiki

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