Game Running Slow – Tips to improve Performance

Game Running slow on PC? If you’re playing Pokémon Infinite Fusion on an older computer, don’t worry; I’ve got some tricks to make the game run smoother. This game isn’t a ROM, so it relies on your trusty old Windows system to work its magic. If you’re experiencing some slowdowns, here are a few things you can try:

Alternate Launcher:

Download the normal version of the game (not the light version) to get access to the alternate launcher. It might take a bit longer to load, but the game should run more smoothly with it. If you use light version, you won’t have alternate launcher.

If you don’t have alternate Launcher or don’t want to use it for some reason, try the following tips instead.

Turn off Download Sprites:

If you downIn the game’s options, you can turn off the “Download Sprites” feature. Go to the “Options” and change “Download Sprites” to off. This might help speed things up, but it’s only recommended if you have the light version of the game.

Turn off download sprites to improve Game performance

Switch to DNA Icons:

There’s another option that can make the game run better that is Changing the game’s settings to display DNA icons instead of detailed sprites can also improve performance. This will make the game show DNA icons instead of Fused icons and this could improve significant performance.

improve game performance using DNA icons

Download Sprites Pack yourself:

Another way to improve the performance of the game is to download the sprites. This does have a drawback though, that the Game size will increase, however, it significantly improves performance. Here’s a video tutorial on How to install/add 7 packs to Infinite Fusion.