Pokémon Infinite Fusion Maps

If you want to explore the Pokemon Infinite Fusion without facing much difficulty, it is important to know the locations of the game. To get information about the location one thing that is helpful is Maps.

Pokemon Infinite fusion maps are used to navigate, get information about different locations, encounter different areas, reach hidden secrets, proceed in stories, and whatnot.

Here you are going to get all the basic details about Maps which might be missing on Pokemon Wiki. So, let’s get started.

Types of Pokemon Maps

1. Safari Zone Map

This is the map that you are going to use when covering the safari zone. The routes on these maps are used to surf HM.

safari map secrets pokemon fusion

2. Deep Sea Map

Deep sea maps are used to explore the entire sea area and how you are going to reach different locations like sapphire caves.

safari zone map guide

Further in Deep Sea map, Following are step by step Deep Sea maps that will help you to reach the Sapphire Cave & the Togepi Island.

Togepi map overview
Top Room map
Room B underwater
Deep Sea Puzzle Room C
Room D
E Map of cave puzzle
Cave Puzzle underwater
G Cave Puzzle
Deep Sea H Puzzle
I deep sea puzzle Pokemon
Deep sea J puzzle
M Map of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Deep Sea
M Map of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Deep Sea

3. Detailed World Map

This is a detailed one where you are going to see all the locations that you are going to encounter while playing the game.

map secrets of pokemon

How to use Pokemon Infinite Fusion Maps

If you want to see the map, press D while playing the game and to reach your destination you need to follow certain routes mentioned on the maps.

1. Navigation

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion provides us with an expansive world that includes different cities, towns, caves, and other locations. Finding the way around maps is going to help the player to reach the desired point.

2. Encounter Areas

You are going to encounter so many wild Pokemons while roaming around. The maps are going to help you to locate such areas where you are going to encounter such Pokemon.

This information also lets the player know about their current location and about the locations they want to go.

3. Connection between Areas

Just another useful purpose of maps, it shows the connection between different regions, cities, and towns within the game. The world map is an example that shows the connection between Johto and Kanto region and some islands too.

4. Hidden treasure

Maps also drop many hints about different kinds of hidden items and sometimes indicate hidden entrances to different locations like dungeons etc. This allows the player to uncover more hidden items and secrets.  

5. Story Progression

One of the reasons behind using maps is the progression of the storyline. For example, going to Blue’s house and collecting the map from his sister was a progression in the story. Just like that points are marked on maps to complete different quests which is also a story progression.

Tips And Tricks of Using Maps in Pokémon Infinite Fusion

Using the maps efficiently can enhance your overall experience of the gameplay. Following are the tips and tricks that you can use your maps effectively.

  • Familiarization is the key, take some time and study the map. This will give you a thorough understanding of the layout of the map and about different locations and regions.
  • Using maps in caves and dungeons helps you in a better understanding of that area.
  • Before any important quest or any sort of long journey do plan, check different routes, etc.


Following is a video on some tips for catching starters and Mew in the Secret Forest: