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What are hidden abilities?

Hidden Abilities are special powers that take the place of a Pokémon’s usual power. When you fuse Pokémon together, you can transfer the Hidden Ability of the original Pokémon to the resulting Fusion Pokémon.

But, if you separate the Fusion Pokémon back into its original parts, both of those Pokémon will lose their special Hidden Abilities.

How to Get Hidden Abilities

So Following are two methods of unleashing hidden abilities in Pokemon:

  1. Outbreaks
  2. Ability Balls
Video explaining how to get all hidden abilities

1. OutBreaks:

To find special Pokémon called Outbreaks, first, defeat Brock, and then go to Route 3. You’ll see a scene with Professor Oak’s Assistant, who will guide you to a patch of grass on Route 3 where Pokémon with hidden abilities are hiding.

After this, an Outbreak happens every 1500 steps, and the place for the Outbreak is chosen randomly from places you can go to, even if you haven’t been there yet.

During an Outbreak, any Pokémon you come across has a 50% chance of having its hidden ability. Some places like Secret Forest and Togepi Island always have Outbreaks, so the Pokémon there also have a 50% chance of hidden abilities. Secret forest is always outbreak

You can check where the current Outbreak is by visiting the Outbreak Lady in Fuschia City. Alternatively, you can use the Dream Mirror item to find out. You can buy the Dream Mirror on Boon Island.

There are “outbreaks” of secret ability pokemon on a route sometimes too. So you can end up finding a lot of them on a route if the route is set in an “outbreak” state

By the way, You only have a chance of finding a hidden ability randomly if there’s an outbreak on the route the Pokemon is found in. Otherwise you need to use an Ability Ball which will give a Hidden Ability to whichever mon you catch, you can unlock those in Saffron.

Also try not to fuse and then unfuse with that Pokemon, as it might lose its HA.

2. Ability Balls

Ability Balls unlocks the Pokémon’s hidden ability in Saffron City. Ability balls are bugged and don’t seem to keep hidden abilities when fused or evolving.

To get Ability Balls, you need to finish two tasks from the Incredible Ball Guy in Saffron City, even though they’re not marked as quests. After completing his second task, you’ll receive 5 Ability Balls and the option to buy more from the Incredible Ball Guy’s Assistant.

Ability Balls are unique Pokéballs, but they have a lower catch rate (0.6 times) compared to regular Pokéballs. When you catch a Pokémon with an Ability Ball, they get their Hidden Ability. However, it’s important to note that Ability Balls can be a bit glitchy, and the Hidden Ability might disappear in some cases, like after certain types of evolution or fusion.

Quick Tip: Here’s a simple way to get the hidden ability you want on your fusion: First, if the ability you want is on the non-shiny part of your fusion, combine them in the reverse order you prefer. Then, pick the ability from the shiny Pokémon, and finally, use DNA reversal to switch the fusion back to the order you originally wanted, but with the hidden ability from the non-shiny Pokémon. It’s a good idea to save before fusing, open multiple windows, and follow these steps to ensure you do it right.

How to keep a pokemon’s hidden ability after fusing it ?

There is currently no way to keep hidden abilities on fusions.

How to move around hidden abilities using Fusion ?

You can move around hidden abilities using Pokemon Fusion.

To give Sylveon Chlorophyll, you must first fuse a Leafeon with its Hidden Ability (Chlorophyll) with Sylveon. This must be done in this order, or the fusion will produce a Leafeon with Chlorophyll, not a Sylveon with Chlorophyll.

Once you have fused the two Pokémon, use a DNA Reverser to reverse the fusion. This will produce a Leafeon with Chlorophyll and a Sylveon with Pixilate.

Here is a more step-by-step version:

  1. Obtain a Leafeon with the Hidden Ability Chlorophyll.
  2. Obtain a Sylveon.
  3. Fuse the Leafeon and the Sylveon.
  4. Use a DNA Reverser to reverse the fusion.
  5. You will now have a Leafeon with Chlorophyll and a Sylveon with Pixilate.

Note: The order in which you fuse the Pokémon is important. If you fuse the Sylveon with the Leafeon first, you will end up with a Leafeon with Chlorophyll, not a Sylveon with Chlorophyll.

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