Pokemon Infinite Fusion Features

Pokemon Infinite Fusion by Schromm is a fan-made game that allows you to fuse two of your favorite Pokemons in one unique Pokemon.

In this article, I will talk about Pokemon features. This unique creature gets the characteristics of both of the Pokemon that make it like qualities, stats, and whatnot. If you are a Pokemon enthusiast who loves to do experiments like combining Pokemons then this game is totally for you.


Pokemon Infinite Fusion comes with a wide range of features that distinguish it from the traditional Pokemon game.

We will look at some of the features this fan-made game offers us to maximize your gaming experience.

Distinguishing Features

The distinguishing feature that separates Pokemon Infinite Fusion from the rest of the Pokemon traditional games is the endless fusion possibilities. This feature gives you the option of combining the option of two of your favorite Pokemon.

Pokemon distinguishing features

Character Customization

You can also change the look of your in-game character, this feature allows you to enhance your gaming experience by making you change the appearance and clothing of your character. This makes a personalized trainer. You can do the following if you want to personalize the trainer.

  • You can do avatar customization
  • Change the clothing of your trainer
Character customisation in Pokemon

Battle Facilities

In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, battle facilities like Battle Factory and Triple Battle Lounge are the facilities that provide you an opportunity to play different battles to test your skills and earn rewards.

Let’s have a detailed look at both of these facilities.

1. Battle Factory

Here you are going to engage in battles but not with your own Pokemon. For these battles, you need to choose from the pre-made fused Pokemons.

If you win the battles you are going to get rewards like a fusion of specific items, points, or any other in-game rewards.

2. Triple Battle Lounge

The triple battle lounge is characterized as a triple battle format which means each side is going to use three fused Pokemons. Special fusion items and battle points are the rewards if you are going to win the triple battles.

Integrated speed-up button

To save you time Pokemon Infinite Fusion has added the integrated speed-up button to the game. You can now play your game quickly and accelerate the game’s speed.

This button can be activated both through an in-game menu option and through the keyboard’s key. To speed it up Press Key “Q” on the keyboard. The primary focus of this speed-up button is:

  • First and foremost, to increase the speed of game progress.
  • The trainer uses this option to complete the training or grinding session to pass the level quickly.
  • When exploring large areas, this may help you to explore the location speedily.
  • You can also use this button to speed up the unnecessary text that appears on the screen during the gameplay.

This button is usually there for temporary use. You can turn it on when in need and deactivate it when you see that you can revert back to the normal speed.

It is also important to note that sometimes playing the game at high speed can make the difficult to manage so you need to practice.

Over 40 Side quests

Side quests are the challenges and battles that you play apart from the storyline, these also include explorations, rewards, and opportunities.  This side quest involves:

  • Exploring specific areas, finding rare items, and discovering hidden regions.
  • Finding and tracking rare Pokemon.
  • Training challenges are also a part of side quests that make you fight different battles.
  • Some side quests allow you to know about the game in depth.
  • This has the advantage that it makes you interact with different NPCs, these NPCs have unique personalities and different Pokemon.· Some of the side quests are optional while some of the side quests are important to get a better understanding of your game.

One thing is that you are going to get rewards after completing all of the side quests and the rewards depend on the intensity of the side quest.

New Moves and Abilities

There are many new moves and abilities that you are going to find in Pokemon Infinite Fusion and not in traditional Pokemon games. These moves and abilities come with the concept of fusion. Let’s have a look at some of them that Pokemon Infinite Fusion is offering.

  • Some moves in Pokemon Infinite Fusion are fusion-specific moves which means that the moves complement the fusion, if you combine two Pokemons one is from water type and the other is from water type the move may be the combination of both.
  • Like fusion-specific moves there are also fusion-specific abilities that come from the fusion of two of the Pokemon.·       Certain Pokemon have the ability to adapt the signature moves. These moves have unique effects and the fused Pokemon can use them during difficult situations.
  • Certain Pokemon have the ability to adapt the signature moves. These moves have unique effects and the fused Pokemon can use them during difficult situations.

Rematch or trade with NPCs after battling them

This is another exciting feature of Pokemon Infinite Fusion you can re-battle with the NPCs and get the rewards again and again.


Randomization as the name suggests allows you to play the game in a randomized manner. This means that there is going to be a lot of unpredictability and surprises.

This randomization is specially added in Pokemon Infinite Fusion to maximize your experience of the gameplay.


Pokedex is an in-game feature that is not an ordinary tool that keeps a record of the abilities and qualities of the Pokemon. It is the detailed record of the Pokemon you can say the encyclopedia of the Pokemon that you fuse.

The Pokedex has the job of tracking the records of all the variations of Pokemon and their fusion, documenting their types, learned moves, and different items within the game.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Pokemon Infinite Fusion introduces exciting and dynamic gameplay. Along with character customization, you can engage in different sorts of battles and side quests. There is a vast range of features that are included in this one to maximize the gaming experience.