Old rod – Where to find it ?

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Wondering how to fish pokemons in Pokemon infinite fusion? For that you will have to obtain an old rod first. A lot of new players struggle with finding old rods and using them. But don’t worry, because I am here to give you all the tips and tricks on the old rod so you can get the most out of it.

What is old rod?

In pokemon infinite fusion, there are many water bodies which have pokemon inside them. You can catch these pokemons using old rod.

Locations to find old rod:

The Old Rod is located in Vermilion City, in the house next to the Pokémon Center. It can be found in the house after you wake up the Snorlax on Route 12. Once you’ve taken care of the Snorlax, head east to Vermilion City, and then enter the building just south of the Pokémon Center. Inside, you’ll find the Fishing Guru who will give you the Old Rod.

Locations to find old rod:

What pokemons can you catch with old rod:

In Pokémon infinite fusion, the old rod allows players to fish for low-level Pokémon in bodies of water. The old rod is mostly used to catch water-type Pokémon, such as Magikarp, Goldeen, Poliwag, and Tentacool. Other small pokemon that live inside these water bodies can also be caught using old rod.

list of pokemons can you catch with old rod

What to do if I can’t catch fish with old rod:

If you’re having trouble catching fish with the Old Rod, it might be because you are not waiting enough. Sometimes, it may take a few seconds for a Pokémon to bite. Just wait patiently after casting your line, and eventually, you should catch a Pokémon. It’s important not to reel in too quickly or give up too soon.

Are pokemon caught with old rod weaker:

Yes, old rod will catch low level pokemons. If you want to catch high level Pokemons, you can use a super rod.