Level caps – Do you need them?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is very full game, but if you have been playing it for a long time, it gets a little too easy for you and the fun is lost. But don’t worry, there’s a solution or that too; you can apply level caps to your game to make it more interesting and challenging.

What is level cap?

In pokemon infinite fusion, it is common for pokemons to disobey their trainers if they are above a certain level and the player hasn’t gained or obtained enough badges. To solve this problem, a player can tie the number of badges to the level cap. Players are encouraged to progress through the game’s story and defeat gym leaders in order to increase the maximum level at which their Pokémon will obey them. In hard mode the level caps are increased by 10%.

Why should I use level caps?

Level caps prevent excessive grinding and make the games progress much more easier, which ultimately makes the game more enjoyable for a player without making it too easy.

Setting level caps in the game helps keep battles challenging by making sure they match the strength of your team, no matter how strong your Pokémon are. This stops battles from being too easy because your pokemons are  too high level. It also makes sure the game stays fair and balanced as you progress through gym battles. 

Having level caps encourages players to build a well-rounded team with Pokémon that are all around the same level. This makes it easier to add new Pokémon to your team and makes battles more strategic and fun.

While you don’t have to use level caps, they’re a good idea if you want to keep the game interesting and focused on making smart choices instead of just battling the same way over and over again.

why use level caps

How to add level caps to the game:

To add level caps to the game follow these steps:

  1. First find the file Data/Scripts/010_Data/001_Hardcoded data/001_GrowthRate.rb.
  2. In this file, locate the line “def self.max_level’’.
  3. Inside the brackets of this line, change the existing code to the following code: 

           if !$Trainer
return Settings::MAXIMUM_LEVEL
return [Settings::MAXIMUM_LEVEL, 20 + $Trainer.badge_count * 5].min

  1. This will set the level cap based on the number of badges collected, with a maximum cap of 100.
  2. Next find the file Data/Scripts/014_Pokemon/001_Pokemon.rb, find the line: if value < 1 || value > GameData::GrowthRate.max_level.
  3. Change this line to: if value < 1 || value > 100
  4. This line will make sure that the game doesn’t crash if the pokemon exceeds a level of 100.
  5. Next, look for the file:  Data/Scripts/011_Battle/005_BattleScene/004_PokeBattle_SceneElements.rb
  6. In this file, locate the line “def refreshExp” and replace it with the line: return if @battler.level >= GameData::GrowthRate.max_level
  7. This line will make sure that the game does not refresh the experience points of a pokemon if it is above or at the current level cap.

Modifying rules:

In level caps, you can modify the rules to twist the game up a little and make it more fun. For example:

  1. Level cap: Pokémon cannot exceed a certain level, likely determined by the player’s progress or the number of gym badges obtained.
  2. Whole team changes after each gym: The player must replace their entire team of Pokémon after defeating each gym leader.
  3. No repeat fusion ingredients: Fusion combinations cannot include the same ingredients more than once.
  4. Cannot use damage moves with power higher than 90: Pokémon cannot use moves that have a base power greater than 90.
  5. No consumable items: Items that are consumed during battle cannot be used, restricting healing and stat-boosting items.
  6. No half HP healing skills like Recover, Wish, Softboiled: Moves that restore half or more of a Pokémon’s HP, such as Recover, Wish, and Softboiled, are prohibited. Moves like Aqua Ring and Leech Seed are allowed.
  7. Tip for money issues: Utilize Meowth’s Payday move to earn money, especially when fused with strong Pokémon, and equip the Amulet Coin to increase earnings. Farming with wild Pokémon is also recommended.

This is just an example of how you can modify the rules. You can also modify the rules according to your preferences if the game is too easy for you and you want to make it challenging.

Level caps for each gym in hard mode:

The level caps for each gym in hard mode are as follows:

  1. Pewter City: Level 14
  2. Cerulean City: Level 24
  3. Vermilion City: Level 29
  4. Celadon City: Level 39
  5. Fuchsia City: Level 42
  6. Saffron City: Level 50
  7. Cinnabar Island: Level 56
  8. Viridian City: Level 60
  9. Indigo Plateau (Home of the Elite Four): Level 64
  10. Goldenrod City: Level 64
  11. Azalea Town: Level 68
  12. Violet City: Level 69
  13. Boon Island: Level 71
  14. Mahogany Town: Level 72
  15. Blackthorn City: Level 73
  16. Ecruteak City: Level 74
  17. Chrono Island: Level 75
  18. Indigo Plateau (Home of the Elite Four): Level 78

Level caps for each gym in normal mode:

The level caps for each gym in normal mode are as follows:

  1. Pewter City: Level 12
  2. Cerulean City: Level 22
  3. Vermilion City: Level 26
  4. Celadon City: Level 35
  5. Fuchsia City: Level 38
  6. Saffron City: Level 45
  7. Cinnabar Island: Level 51
  8. Viridian City: Level 54
  9. Elite Four and Goldenrod City: Level 58
  10. Azalea Town: Level 62
  11. Violet City: Level 63
  12. Boon Island: Level 64
  13. Mahogany Town: Level 65
  14. Blackthorn City: Level 66
  15. Ecruteak City: Level 67
  16. Chrono Island: Level 68

Are there any level caps where the pokemon stops obeying without a certain badge?

In infinite fusion, Pokémon may disobey their trainer if their level exceeds a certain threshold and the trainer hasn’t obtained enough gym badges..

It is likely that the level at which a Pokémon is caught matters as it decides if the pokemon will obey its trainer. Pokémon caught at lower levels are less likely to disobey, even if they become overleveled later on. Additionally, the number of gym badges obtained appears to be the main factor determining the level cap at which Pokémon will obey.

There are various factors affecting Pokémon obedience, such as friendship and affection values, as well as participation in in-game challenges.

How to disable level caps:

How to disable level caps summarized