How to capture larvesta

Larvesta is a rare bug/fire type pokemon that everyone is eager to catch. It is a fusion between Larvitar and vulpix which makes it a very unique pokemon. But how does one catch larvesta ifit is a rare pokemon? I have combined all the tips and tricks to catching larvesta, so if you want to catch larvesta keep on reading.

Larvesta fainted

What you need:

To catch larester you need the following things:

  1. Pokeballs/ultra balls
  2. A good team


First things first, you will definitely need pokeballs to catch larvesta. Larvesta can be caught in regular pokeballs, but it would be very difficult to do so which is why it is recommended to catch it in Ultra balls because ultra balls have a higher catch rate than standard pokeballs and with a pokemon as rare as larvesta you definitely don’t want to take any risks.

A good team:

To capture larvesta, you should make sure that your team is ready. You should use electric,rock and water type pokemons because larvesta is a fire type pokemon so these pokemons will counter larvestas vulnerabilities.

When to search for larvesta:

Larvesta likes to sleep so it is ideal to search for it during early morning or late night. Larvestas’ sleepiness will give you an edge over it and make it easier to catch. You will have no luck searching for larvesta in midday or afternoon.

Where can I find larvesta:

Look fo larvesta in places where the temperature is a little higher than normal. Since larvesta is a fire type pokemon, it likes to stay in places where the temperature is high.

Viridian forest:

What will Larvesta do ?

To find Larvesta in the Viridian Forest, you might need to search carefully as it seems to be a rare spawn. In Pokémon games, rare spawns often require patience and persistence. Exploring different areas of the forest, particularly areas with tall grass or specific conditions, might increase your chances of encountering Larvesta.

Safari zone:

You have to first go all the way to the east, then to the North until you get to a temple. It might require a combination of logic, memory, and exploration to successfully reach your destination and find Volcarona.

Why is larvesta a good addition?:

Larvesta is a rare fire type pokemon. It is a fusion of vulpix and larvitar which are both very powerful pokemons, so larvesta is also a powerful pokemon. It is a good addition to the team where you already have electric, rock and water type pokemons

why Larvester ? Here's why

What to do after catching larvesta:

After catching Larvesta, its true power emerges when it evolves into Volcarona, a magnificent Bug/Fire-type Pokémon. Volcarona has strong stats and learns many powerful moves, showing how Larvesta grows into something truly remarkable.