How to Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion 

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In Pokemon, Infinite Fusion Randomization is a concept through which you are going to encounter unpredictability and it also adds surprises to your experience. In this article I will talk about different methods about How to Randomise Infinite Fusion..

Traditional Pokemon offers you to catch, train and do battles but Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game that allows you to fuse two of your favourite Pokemons into one single creature with the qualities and abilities of both of the Pokemon. 

In this one, we are going to look at various aspects of Randomization like how we are going to randomize the Pokemon infinite fusion. So, let’s dive into it. 

Pokemon Randomizer

The Beginning (Pallet Town)

Polemic Randomizer is a tool that is used by many of the Pokemon games.  It is software that allows you to make some changes in the original gameplay by making it random or by bringing variability to it. 

You can use Randomizer with ROM hack games like the game which can be played in the emulator or whose data can be modified to change the game’s experience. 

Randomizer makes the game even more strategic and challenging when compared with the original traditional Pokemon series.

How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion

There is a built-in randomiser in Pokemon Infinite Fusion that can be accessed when you start a new game or a new savefile.

trainer application form for randomisation of pokemon

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That built-in option of randomisation is available at the beginning of the game when you launch the game, but for this, you should have an already saved file. 

  • Initially, the game was in a classic mode that focused more on certain rewards and events. 
  • To make the game randomized follow the steps mentioned below. 
  • Open the game and fill in all the necessary information : the trainers form.

There will be an option for switching the modes. 

  • For randomisation, select the randomize option and that’s that. 
  • You are all set to play your randomized Pokemon infinite fusion.

Video Tutorial How to Randomize Pokemon

Randomizer step by step Video Guide

How do you randomise a game that is in progress? 

Sometimes you are playing in some other mode and want to switch it to randomize mode. Also, sometimes you want to change the randomisation settings. 

pokemon randomizer codes settings

For this reason: 

  • Go to the Pokemon Center and talk to the update man. 
  • One key concept of randomisation is that it is permanent, you can undo it. 
  • The update man is only going to re-randomize it, nothing else.

How does Randomization work? 

It is not that randomisation occurs randomly, it does have some rules. Let’s have a quick look at them. 

  • Base stats: It is the stats of Pokemon and randomisation replaces only those Pokemon with other Pokemon that fall between those stats. 
  • This stat is different for different Pokemons like trainers and wild.

Randomization Options 

randomize pokemon rom options

There are different options available in settings so that you can randomize items of your choice in the game. Some of these are

1. Trainer

  • If you want to randomize trainers then go and enable the option of randomisation in trainers’ randomisation settings. 
  • This is going to randomize all the trainers within the game.

Again base stats will also be taken into account when randomisation. 

2. Gym Types

  • Initially, gym leaders and trainers use the same Pokemon but when the randomisation option is enabled random Pokemons are assigned to both. 
  • To get an idea about the randomisation type you can ask the man available at the entrance of the gym.
  • If you want to randomize three of the Pokemon that you get in the beginning then go and enable the option of starter randomisation. 

3. Starters

If you want to randomize three of the Pokemon that you get in the beginning then go and enable the option of starter randomisation. Like this, there are different options available in randomization settings that you can choose. 

Final Words

To sum it up, randomisation makes you experience the gameplay full of surprises and variability. For that, you need to choose the randomization option and make different changes in the game according to the settings of the randomizer.

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