How To Get Waterfall

In the Pokémon Infinite fusion, obtaining the move Waterfall typically involves progressing through the main storyline and reaching a certain point in the game where the move becomes necessary to access new areas. Here is a general guide on how to obtain Waterfall in Pokémon infinite fusion.

In the Johto region, your journey starts in New Bark Town, a quaint town situated in the southeastern part of the region. Professor Elm, a Pokémon researcher, resides in New Bark Town, and players often receive their first Pokémon from him.

Waterfall obtaining Map

To reach New Bark Town from Violet City, which is in the western part of Johto, you’ll need to navigate through a couple of routes. Begin by heading east from Violet City, following Route 30. This route may present various challenges such as wild Pokémon battles and perhaps even trainers eager for a battle. As you traverse Route 30, you’ll find yourself in the diverse Johto landscape.

Upon reaching Cherrygrove City, , continue your journey by taking Route 29 to the east. This route could be filled with tall grasses where wild Pokémon lurk, so be prepared for encounters. Trainers on this route might challenge you to battles, testing your Pokémon’s strength.

Finally, as you venture further east along Route 29, you’ll eventually arrive in New Bark Town. This is where Professor Elm’s lab is located, and it’s the place where you’ll be rewarded with a waterfall.