Surf – How to Get it ?

Alright, trainers! Let’s cut to the chase on how to get Surf in Pokémon Infinite Fusion. Here’s a quick guide to snag it.

How to Get Surf?

To grab HM Surf in Pokémon Infinite Fusion, head to Fuchsia City – it’s the fifth gym on the bottom right of the map. Beat the Celadon gym, and you’re off to Fuchsia City. Once there, find the Safari Zone up north. You’ve got 600 steps to explore, so watch the count on the top right. Go deep into the Safari Zone, and voilà – you’ll snag HM Surf.

To make things easy, use the map below for a smooth route. Now you’re all set for a water adventure in Pokémon Infinite Fusion!

map for a smooth route to Surf


Q1: When can I get Surf in the game?

Ans: You can obtain Surf after defeating the Celadon gym leader and progressing to Fuchsia City.

Q2: How many steps do I have in the Safari Zone to find HM Surf?

Ans: You have a limit of 600 steps to explore the Safari Zone and locate HM Surf.

Q3: Can I use any specific Pokémon to help in my quest for Surf?

Ans: While not mandatory, having Pokémon with HMs like Cut or Strength might be useful during your journey.

Q4: What benefits does Surf bring to my gameplay?

Ans: Surf allows you to traverse bodies of water, opening up new areas and opportunities in the game.

Q5: Is obtaining HM Surf necessary for completing the main storyline of Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Ans: While not mandatory, Surf significantly expands your ability to explore and progress in the game.

Q6: Can I teach HM Surf to any Pokémon in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Ans: Yes, you can teach HM Surf to eligible Pokémon, enhancing their utility and your exploration capabilities.