How To Get DUSK stone

How to Get Dusk Stone ?

Looking to find Dusk Stone ? Want to know about other hidden stones ? – Let’s Begin!

After beating Giovanni at Silph Co., you can get Dusk, Dawn, and Shiny Stones. Just go to the metro that was blocked by Team Rocket, buy a 1,000 Pokédollar ticket to Goldenrod City, and visit the shopping mall there. Each stone costs 5,000 Pokédollars. If you have Fly or Teleport, you can go to Goldenrod City anytime after this. During this journey you will encounter the following stones at different locations. Let us have a look! `

Sun Stone

Getting a sunstone

This is a special stone that helps some Pokémon change into different forms, you are going to get it in Vermilion City before the SS Anne when you are challenging the third gym leader. The sunstone is good for the evolution of Eevee, Gloom, and Sunkern. The Eevee evolves into lilligant, Gloom into bellossom, and Sunkern into Sunflora.

Water Stone

Once you get your hand on the sunstone, and after getting past the Lt Surge in Vermilion City it is time to take Route 5 which leads you to Cerulean City.

Here you are going to meet a fellow Pokemon trainer who rewards you with a white flute when you show him the city badge. This flute’s melody makes the Pokemon more likely to appear and you can catch more and more Pokemon. After some steps to the left, you are going to find the Water stone. Put that waterstone in the item’s pocket.

You can get another early water stone in the Lavender City, and for that purpose take route 12, you are going to meet a fellow Pokemon trainer who is going to give you a water stone

Thunder Stone

Encountering Thunderstone

After the third gym and on the route to Rock Tunnel you are going to find your early thunder stones. These are good for the evolution of Eevee and Pikachu.

To get your hands on thunder stones you need to take Route 9. On this route, you will be challenged by Picnicker Catlin. Once you defeat the Catlin you are going to get your thunder stones.

Sun and Moon Stones

Sun and Moon Stones

The Lavender town is famous for the sun and moonstones. The time of the day will decide what kind of stone you are going to get from the stone manic. You will get sunstone if you visit in the daytime and moonstone if you see the stone manic at night. You can also get sun and moon stones from the scientists in the Celadon City Hotel which is the 4th gym city. From onwards to Celadon city, you can even buy most of the stones.

Ice Stone

Ice stone

You can buy the ice stone from the Poke store which is on the fourth floor of the Poke store building. After selecting the ice stone from the list, you are taken to the saffron city. After competing with the Silph Co. there is this lady who rewards you with the shiny stones that you add to the item bucket.

Dusk Stone

It is necessary to power up your Pokemons because they are going to help you in the hard mode. To power them up take the train to the Goldenrod city. In the Poke store of Goldenrod City, you get your options of buying the dusk, dawn, shiny, sun, and moon, stores.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, after defeating Giovanni at Silph Co., trainers can obtain various evolution stones on their journey. The Sun Stone is found in Vermilion City, the Water Stone in Cerulean City, and early Thunder Stones on Route 9. Lavender Town offers both Sun and Moon Stones, with availability based on the time of day.

The Ice Stone can be purchased on the fourth floor of the Poke store building. Following Silph Co., a lady in Saffron City rewards trainers with Shiny Stones. For Dusk, Dawn, Shiny, Sun, and Moon Stones, a train to Goldenrod City’s Poke store provides these essential power-ups for Pokémon in hard mode.