My First Experience with Pokemon Infinite Fusion – Hardcore Nuzlocke

First experience of Hardcore Nuzlocke

For years, I’ve been a dedicated Pokemon trainer, but one particular challenge I always get away with is – playing a fan-made game or a custom rom. However, that all changed when I decided to embark on my first-ever playthrough of Pokemon Infinite Fusion as a hardcore Nuzlocke.

If you’re new to the concept, a Nuzlocke challenge makes the Pokemon game significantly more challenging by imposing rules such as boxing any fainted Pokemon and only capturing the first encounter in each area. But here’s the twist – in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you can fuse any two Pokemon in the game, creating unique combinations.

The Journey Begins

My journey started with the classic choice of a starter Pokemon, and I picked Charmander. In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, the possibilities are endless as you can fuse two Pokemon into a new combination with different abilities and natures. I quickly learned the ropes and discovered that fusions could be both incredible and utterly bizarre. But I was up for the challenge.

Facing the First Gym Leader

With my trusty Charmander-Nidoran fusion, known as Charan, by my side, I ventured to face my first Gym Leader, Brock. Unlike traditional games, in Infinite Fusion, you can only use as many Pokemon as the gym leader. This means I had only two Pokemon to challenge Brock, and it was an intense battle. Despite some close calls, I managed to pull off an unexpected victory.

Exploring New Locations

As my journey continued, I explored unique locations like “The Secret Garden” on Route 1 and picked up a Farfetch’d. Thanks to a TM I found in Meridian Forest, I fused my Farfetch’d with a Magnemite to create Fart You (yes, you read that right).

secret garden

Challenges Await

One distinctive feature of Pokemon Infinite Fusion is the fusion aspect, which extends to evolution. When your base Pokemon evolves, your fusion evolves as well. I witnessed my Charmander-Nidoran fusion evolve into a Charizard-Nidoking fusion, a sight to behold.

Team Building

Infinite Fusion’s team-building mechanics are fascinating. You can fuse Pokemon, mix their abilities, and choose the resulting nature. The game challenges you to make the most of these mechanics. I added a Meowth to my team and fused it with a Diglett, creating Meowlet. This new fusion had the “Technician” ability, and it was ready to take on challenges.

Championing Misty

With my team growing, I challenged Misty, and her combination of Starmie and Jigglypuff proved no match for my fused Oddish-Spearow, known as Oddro. A few well-placed Aerial Aces, and Misty’s dreams of victory were dashed.

More Fusions

As I ventured into the world, I couldn’t help but think about the potential for the craziest fusions. Team Rocket was up to some shady business, and who knows what bizarre combinations they might discover? The idea of a fusion like “Mr. P” (Mr. Mime and Sharpedo) was enough to send shivers down my spine.

Surprises in Mount Moon

One night, I returned to Mount Moon to find a moonstone, a valuable item for evolution. This allowed me to evolve my Torino into a Sharking fusion, which combined Charizard and Nidoking. Sharking not only looked cool but was a formidable addition to my team.

A Trip to the Safari Zone

To expand my team further, I visited the Safari Zone. After some effort, I captured a Trapinch, a ground-type Pokemon. My collection was growing, and the possibilities were endless.

The Evolving Journey

In Lavender Town, my journey hit a minor snag when I encountered a Gyarados belonging to a trainer named Stinky. Unable to handle this tough opponent, I retreated, knowing that I needed to grow stronger to face it.

Legendary Encounters

One of the unique aspects of Infinite Fusion is the fusion of legendary birds. Team Rocket succeeded in merging Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno into a formidable boss fight. Despite the overwhelming challenge, I managed to emerge victorious.

The Elite Four Challenge

After obtaining all the gym badges, I found myself at the Pokemon League, ready to face the Elite Four. Each member presented a fusion-filled battle. Notably, Bruno’s fusion of Rhydon and Charizard proved challenging. However, I persevered and overcame each Elite Four member, one by one.

The Final Showdown

With the Elite Four defeated, I faced the toughest opponent, my rival Stinky. The battle was intense, and my team was pushed to its limits. Ultimately, the battle came down to a fierce showdown between Stinky’s Dragonite fusion and my Genion. With a final charge, my Genion landed a powerful Shadow Ball, securing victory in a breathtaking climax.


My journey through Pokemon Infinite Fusion as a hardcore Nuzlocke player was a thrilling adventure filled with unique fusions, unexpected challenges, and intense battles. This fan-made game