How To Go to Mew

Mew is a unique and rare Pokémon in the Pokémon series. It’s recognized as a Mythical Pokémon, and it’s generally connected with unusual and hidden characteristics. Mew is a Psychic-type Pokémon that is thought to possess the genetic information for all Pokémon species.

How To Find it?

To unlock the opportunity to encounter Mew, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled. Initially, you must amass a total of 10 or more karma points and acquire at least 4 badges.

Finding mew in Secret Forest

Navigate to the Secret forest located near the commencement of Route 2; it’s concealed behind a tree. Upon discovering a concealed pathway toward the lower right section of the forest, follow it to reach a distinct area.

Viridian River to go to Mew

Once inside this new location, proceed to the Viridian River. If all the specified conditions are met, Mew should manifest as an overworld encounter.

It’s important to note that the likelihood of this encounter is relatively low, so persistence may be required to successfully spot and engage with Mew in this particular setting.

Mew is hard to find; it doesn’t show up often.

Here’s a trick: Pay attention to the sounds. When you go into the Viridian River from the Hidden Forest, listen carefully. If you don’t hear anything special, that means nothing rare appeared.

Just leave and come back. If you hear the same sound as when you avoid a fight, it means some basic Pokémon appeared. If you don’t want them, leave and try again. Mew has a unique sound, so when you hear it, you’ll know it’s there.

Final Verdict

In the Pokémon franchise, Mew is a rare Mythical Pokémon. In order to face it, you must have 10+ karma points and 4 badges. Follow Route 2 to the secret forest, discover a hidden route to a new location, and travel to the Viridian River. Mew may spawn as an overworld encounter if certain criteria are satisfied. Listen for its distinct sound, as the possibilities are low. Patience is a must in this exceptional mission.

How to Catch Mew – Video Tutorial

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