How To Get The Mist Stone

The Mist Stone is no ordinary evolution stone; it holds the ability to force any Pokemon to evolve, irrespective of its current level in Pokemon Infinite Fusion which allows for unique evolution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining Mist Stones:

Mystery Gift

Look out for special events or Mystery Gift giveaways. Mist Stones may be offered by developers from time to time during certain occasions. Look for any announcements or updates about any existing or forthcoming events where you could be given a Mist Stone as a gift.

Department Store Pewter City:

In pewter City, go to the Department Store. Explore the several floors; one of them might involve a dealer selling Mist Stones. You can buy a Mist Stone from this seller if one is available.

Royal Avenue Underground Path:

Explore the Royal Avenue Underground Path. There are hidden things in this region. To discover and collect a Mist Stone, use the Itemfinder or carefully examine the region.

Celadon City has a prize corner:

Locate the Prize Corner in Celadon City. You may swap game currency for expensive stuff here, and Mist Stones are sometimes among the prizes. Play numerous mini-games or win fights in the Battle Tower to earn game money.

NPCs and Pokemon Trainers:

Interact with Pokemon trainers and non-playable characters (NPCs) along your quest. Some of them may be ready to trade you their Mist Stone. To boost your chances of finding someone interested in exchanging a Mist Stone, engage in conversations, chat with as many characters as possible, and explore new regions.