Finding Secret House in safari zone

The Secret House is a hidden location within the pokemon infinite fusion that contains valuable items or moves. HMs are special moves that Pokémon can learn, and they often have functions that help players navigate the in-game world.

Finding the Secret House and obtaining the Surf HM is crucial for progressing through the game, as it enables your Pokémon to surf across the water and reach places that were previously inaccessible.

To find the Secret House and get the Surf HM, follow these steps: 

Step 1 of finding Secret House in safari
  1. First thing first, you should have 500 poke dollars to enter the safari zone. 
Step 2 of finding Secret House

2. Head right, climb the rocks and take the left staircase to leave the rock plateau.

3. Move up through the grass, reach another rock plateau, and use both staircases to bypass a tree.

4. Circle around this rock plateau, go west, and you’ll reach the entrance to the next area (Area 2)

5. In Area 2, go left into the grass, climb the stairs on the second rock plateau, and descend the left staircase.

6. Travel north and east past lakes, then west past a little house.

7. Once you’ve gone all the way west, go all the way south to reach a special entrance to the final area (Area 3).

8. In Area 3, you’ll have a choice – go straight ahead to find Gold Teeth.

9. After that, go back up and head left to reach the Secret House with the Surf HM inside.

10. Use the Gold Teeth with the Warden in the main city to get the Strength move.