Cinnabar Island – All you Need to know!

Cinnabar Island is another island with a gym and gym leader you need to defeat in pokemon infinite fusion. It has a pokemon mansion and a gym. You can challenge the gym leader Blaine but only after you have obtained the key from the pokemon mansion.

A view of Cinnabar Island

How to get to cinnabar Island:

After obtaining the Surf HM, the simplest route is to head south from Pallet Town. Alternatively, you can embark on a journey southward from Fuchsia City, navigating through the various water routes along the way. Route 21 and route 20 also provide a way to this town.

How to unlock the gym:

The Pokémon Mansion was destroyed in a fire caused by a failed scientific experiment. To access Blaine’s Gym, the player must locate him.

Hidden switches are concealed at the bottom of statues, controlling gates that open and close throughout all levels of the Mansion. You will also find an escape rope here.

unlock the gym and Pokemon Maison

What Items can be obtained in cinnabar island:

Following are the items that can be found on cinnabar island:

  1. Burn Heal: Given by Pyromaniac Julio after defeating him.
  2. Escape Rope: Found by the columns.
  3. Full Heal: Concealed behind a boulder in the northeast corner.
  4. Moon Stone: Located behind the big table.
  5. X Speed: Hidden behind the gate.
  6. Carbos: Obtained after dropping from 3F, then passing the stairs.
  7. Heat Rock: Concealed by a boulder at the top of 2F.
  8. Calcium: Near Burglar Lewis.
  9. Hyper Potion: Found after taking the South-East Stairs from 3F.
  10. Max Potion: Located west of Magmar on 3F.
  11. Max Revive: Found south of Magmar on 3F.
  12. Iron: Located in the North-East corner on 3F.
  13. Escape Rope: Given by Scientist Ivan after defeating him on B1F.
  14. TM14 Blizzard: Next to Scientist Jimi on B1F.
  15. Full Restore: Found in the South-West corner on B1F.
  16. Everstone: Located in the South-West corner on B1F.
  17. Rare Candy: Hidden in a small room north behind a gate on B1F.
  18. TM64 Explosion: Found in the North-West corner on B1F.
  19. Fire Stone: Concealed by a boulder in the last room on B1F.

Gym trainers:

1. Burglar Quinn:

  1. Vulpix (Male) Lv. 39
  2. Vulpix (Male) Lv. 39
  3. Primetales Lv. 41

2. Super Nerd Erik:

  1. Parapix Lv. 39
  2. Parapix Lv. 39
  3. Paratales Lv. 41

3. Burglar Ramon:

  1. Ivymelon Lv. 45

4. Super Nerd Avery:

  1. Pikamander Lv. 36
  2. Pikameleon Lv. 40
  3. Pikarizard Lv. 43

5. Super Nerd Derek:

  1. Dugtrio Lv. 45

6. Super Nerd Zac:

  1. Growlpix Lv. 43
  2. Charlithe Lv. 43

How to beat blaine:

In this gym, it’s like a quiz show. You get asked questions, and if you answer wrong, you have to fight the trainer. If you answer right, you can choose to fight or move on. In the final battle against Blaine, you can only use four Pokémon. After beating Blaine, you get the Volcano Badge, TM38 Fire Blast, and three Wonder Trader Tickets.

How to beat blaine

How to beat red on cinnabar island:

To defeat Red, implement a strategy using Haxorus and Sudowoodo. Start by using Double Team repeatedly with Haxorus to increase evasion, and remove any poison effects when necessary. Then, execute Dragon Dance four times to boost Haxorus’s attack power. When the opposing Pokémon attempts to transform, its attacks will likely miss due to your increased evasion.

Focus on disabling Forretress’s moveset, against Forretress and Yamask. Give it self-destruct and disable it, leaving it with limited options. With one move disabled and low PP, Forretress will eventually resort to self-destruct, leading to its own defeat.

What to do if you get stuck on cinnabar island:

If you get stuck on Cinnabar Island, locate the female scientist. She can be found at the docks in the southern part of the island.

Getting out of cinnabar if you get stuck.

What to do after cinnabar island:

After winning the fight with Blaine, head to the harbor area at the south end of Cinnabar Island. You’ll find a group of Team Rocket grunts conversing with a sailor. Approach them and engage in conversation, following their dialogue to proceed in the right direction.

after you're done with cinnebar