How to capture larvesta

Larvesta fainted

Larvesta is a rare bug/fire type pokemon that everyone is eager to catch. It is a fusion between Larvitar and vulpix which makes it a very unique pokemon. But how does one catch …

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Exp All Pokémon infinite fusion

Exp. All 3

Ever wondered about the Exp. All’s wonders in Pokémon battles? Read my guide for insights on how it boosts experience for all party members, even non-participants, and its secrets on Effort Values. Discover …

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Surf – How to Get it ?

Alright, trainers! Let’s cut to the chase on how to get Surf in Pokémon Infinite Fusion. Here’s a quick guide to snag it. How to Get Surf? To grab HM Surf in Pokémon …

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Secret Garden – How to Find it ?

Secret Garden location

Hey Poke! Trying to find Secret Garden? Or need to know more about it ? I discovered it by exploring hidden paths and solving cool puzzles, revealing a mysterious place with rare Pokemon …

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How To Get The Mist Stone

The Mist Stone is no ordinary evolution stone; it holds the ability to force any Pokemon to evolve, irrespective of its current level in Pokemon Infinite Fusion which allows for unique evolution. Here’s …

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