Pokemon Infinite Fusion – Step by Step Walkthrough!

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game that allows its player to fuse two of their favourite Pokemon into one single unique creature. This creature is going to get the characteristics of both parents.

This is a distinguishing feature that separates Pokemon Infinite Fusion from the traditional Pokemon games. Many exciting features maximize the user experience including multiple game modes, extended Pokedex, battle facilities, and what not.

There are so many ways and routes that a player can take while playing the game for story progression. Here we will look at a comprehensive guide about these routes that is a walkthrough of Pokemon Infinite Fusion. For a guide on How to Download you can check the other articles on our blog.

So, let’s get started

Walkthrough Guide

If you are starting a new game then your game is set to the default mode already but if you have a pre-existing save file then you can change the mode to randomization, modern, or special mode. After you select the mode the real journey begins.

Let’s Begin!

The Beginning (Pallet Town)

If you are starting a new game then your game is set to the default mode already but if you have a pre-existing save file then you can change the mode to randomization, modern, or special mode. After you select the mode the real journey begins.

The game starts in the green’s bedroom where you need to find

  • A laptop to withdraw the potion. 
  • Downstairs the mom handed Green an acceptance letter as a trainer and a trainer’s card. 
  • When Green goes outside Blue tells him that he was also accepted as a trainer by Professor Oak. Also, Oak is going to give each of them Pokemons when he comes back from Viridian City. 
  • Once Blue leaves, Green heads north in the tall grasses where Professor Oaks stops him and brings him to his lab where Green is going to choose his Pokemon. 
  • The Blue will choose the rest of the Pokemons and challenge Green for battle.
  • After the battle, Oak asks the Green to fetch a parcel from the Pokemart. Here Green is going to leave the Pallet Town. 
  • Before leaving the Pallet town Go to the Blue’s house and take a map from his sister. 

Route 01( Viridian City To Pewter City)

After collecting the starters and having your first battle head north to Viridian city. Where

  • You will be doing some introductory battles, and after doing that head towards the Viridian forest. 
  • Viridian forest is a key, here you can find and catch new Pokemons and also try a lot of new fusions. 
  • After catching and finding new Pokemons, proceed north from the Viridian forest to Pewter City. 
  • In Pewter City, you are going to encounter your first Gym battle against Brock, his speciality is rock-type Pokemon.

Before challenging Brock, try to catch and fuse rock-type Pokemons that will make the battle way easier. 

Pewter City to Cerulean City

Once you defeat the Brock, you need to proceed to Mt.Moon which is east of the pewter city. It is the cave where you are going to find Rock and ground-type Pokemons. 

  • You are going to find Team Rocket there and engage in battle with them. 
  • Once you defeat the team Rocket you will get rewarded fossil Pokemons.

Keep going towards the east if you want to enter the Cerulean where you are going to find Misty, a gym leader who is an expert on water-type Pokemon. 

How to go to cerulean city to vermilion

Cerulean City to Vermillion City

In Cerulean City you are going to find a lengthy path towards your next city. This path is full of many exciting battles. Once you are done with all the battles head south to vermillion city. 

  • In Vermilion City, you need to challenge the gym leader but before you do so you have to navigate a ship SS. Anne. 
  • While navigating the ship you need to engage in a battle against your rival and should have defeated them. 

Once you are done with your task you’ve to come back to the city and challenge Lt Surge, an expert in electric-type Pokemon.

Vermillion City to Celadon City

Sign off from Vermillion City and continue your journey towards the west where your next destination Celadon City is. Here you need to do the following 

  • Prepare your team for gym battles against Erika who’s an expert in grass-type Pokemon.
  • But before challenging Erika it is advisable to explore the city. 
  • Go to the departmental store in the city which is a multiple-story building and where you can update your gear and shocks. 
  • Don’t forget to explore other attractions like parks, shops etc.

Once you are done exploring the city, prepare your team for the challenge. 

Celadon City – Here I am come

Celadon City to Fuchsia City

Next on your journey, head towards the south where you are going to find a cycling road. En route you will also encounter a lot of wild Pokemons, also be ready for challenging battles with trainers. 

  • Your journey towards Fuchsia City may involve caves, bridges and whatnot. 
  • Eventually, you will reach your destination, which is Fuchsia city. 
  • Explore Fuchsia City before taking on any challenge. 
  • This city is known for its Safari Zone where you are going to encounter a lot of wild Pokemon.

This City is known for Koga which specializes in poison-type Pokemons. You need to battle against those Pokemons before proceeding towards the next destination. 

Travel to Fuschia City

The Remainder

Once you are done with the Koga you are done with earning the first four badges but this is not it you still need to cover four more. Pokemon Wiki is a great source to find more details on this.  

The rest of the journey becomes a little easy for you but the battles become challenging with time. Keep experimenting with your fusions and keep a well-stocked inventory for battles. 

Fuchsia City to Saffron City

Your next challenge is to go back to the saffron city that you’ve passed already while coming towards the fuchsia city.

  • Here you are going to find out that Saffron is under the control of Team Rocket, a villainous organisation. 
  • Your primary objective is to destroy the base of the team rocket that is located in the Silph Co building. 
  • Inside the building, there will be many floors and you need to navigate through them with the help of teleport pads. 
  • The main reason behind this mission is to defeat the boss of the team rocket and that is Giovanni.

As a reward, you will get access to a psychic type gym and a fighting-type gym. 

Saffron City to Cinnabar Island

Your next destination is Cinnabar Island and for this, you need to fly south. 

  • The key objective here is to explore the Pokemon Mansion for a key. 
  • This key will grant you access to Blaine’s Fire-type Gym. 
  • This mansion is all about the tricky puzzle and powerful wild Pokemon so be ready for any kind of challenging situations. 
  • Once you get the key you can challenge Blaine who specialises in fire-type Pokemon.

Don’t forget to visit the research lab in Cinnabar Island where you can revive the fossil Pokemons that you won earlier in the game. It is important to note here that with each badge you get closer to challenging the Pokemon league. 

Cinnabar Island to Viridian City

Now you need to return to the Viridian city as you progress in your journey. 

  • On your return, you will find out that Giovanni is no longer in power. 
  • The gym of Viridian City that was previously unavailable is now open and turned out to be a Ground-type and Giovanni is the gym leader. 
  • Challenging and defeating Giovanni is an important milestone towards earning all of the eight badges.

With all the eight badges in your hand, it is your time and you are fully prepared to take part in Pokemon League. 

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